[openAOS-android] How chmod and chown work?

Tue Jan 4 17:16:56 CET 2011

Well done. For the compass, it's really easy you just have to had a
reference to a compass into the list of sensors (at worst, i can do it
if you dont understand). For the orientation, it's a bit more
complicated but i have codes for it so if you want to try it i can
send you the codes else i'll do it.


Le lundi 3 janvier 2011, ilya korchemkin <gm.illifant at gmail.com> a crit:
> Well, I found that we have 2 chown's in our system:
> /bin/chown -> /bin/busybox
> /system/bin/chown -> /system/bin/toolbox
> The latter works, so seems init.rc uses the former. If that is right
> then all the chown lines in init.rc are useless.
> I made accelerometer work to some degree, but portrait orientation is
> flipped upside down =) Need to check convertion factors. Also, it's
> only accelerometer, no orientation or compass emulation.
> btw, is the homescreen locked in landscape mode?
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