[openAOS-svn] [openAOS] #77: Touch Screen Calibration App

Mon Nov 29 17:15:06 CET 2010

#77: Touch Screen Calibration App
  Reporter:  alsutton     |       Owner:  alsutton          
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  reopened          
  Priority:  trivial      |   Milestone:  Android 2.2 alpha4
 Component:  Android 2.2  |     Version:                    
Resolution:               |    Keywords:                    

Comment(by furies):

 I made the calibration part so i want to be sure that you really have a
 1) Where is the problem exactly (bottom right?)
 2) Are you sure this is the alpha 4?
 3) Did you try to reboot after using the calibration apps?

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